Emergency Relief Fund

by one•n•ten

one•n•ten secured additional resources to provide emergency financial assistance to LGBTQ+ youth impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. These resources are designated for LGBTQ+ young adults, legally emancipated minors, or a guardian of an underage one•n•ten youth who will use the funds to support their child. Priority will be given to youth/families who are already signed up for services or programs at one•n•ten.

one•n•ten is a Qualifying Charitable Organization for the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit. Making a donation (up to $400 for individuals; $800 for couples) is an easy and meaningful way to prepare for your Arizona state taxes. 

Assistance for urgent needs related to the following categories will be provided on a first-come basis until all available resources are exhausted: 

-Housing instability or insecurity, including emergency rent payments, deposits or other assistance 

-Unemployment, underemployment or essential service-related transportation hardships 

-Medical Care     

-Food Insecurity 

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