Zero Emissions Day Fundraiser

by 350 Chicago NFP

In the wake of an unprecedented pandemic, more Chicagoans than ever feel the devastating effects of hunger, unemployment, and insufficient health care. Sadly, none of these are "new problems." They are but a few of the many systemic challenges we can no longer ignore.

Our planet is in serious danger. We can only burn 565 more gigatons of carbon dioxide and stay below 2°C of global warming. Anything more would guarantee ecological catastrophe and further threaten our most vulnerable populations. 

Our solution? Structural change. We have the power to demand more of ourselves, as well as our leaders. 350 Chicago is at the forefront of local efforts to rewrite environmental policy and prevent dire exploitation. 

We are on a grassroots mission to pressure the City of Chicago to divest its operations budget and pension funds from fossil fuels, advocate for passing local and state legislation to develop renewable energy infrastructure and jobs, and halt fossil fuel projects such as pipelines and fracking wells.

But we need your support. Zero Emissions Day is September 21st and 350 Chicago is mobilizing like never before. In addition to minimizing our use of fossil fuels for daily activities, we are launching this campaign to raise awareness and vital funds to further our work.

Will you sustain our movement with a donation today? Every dollar counts and is greatly appreciated.

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