20 for 20 (Raiders Drum Corps): Help the Raiders Invest in Needed Equipment!

by A+ Education and Performing Arts

As we approach the 2020 season, the Raiders Drum Corps is planning for significant growth and expansion. To continue providing the best experience possible for our members, who participate from all over the country, the Raiders are planning to invest in new instruments and equipment throughout the entire ensemble.

You are welcome to donate at any amount. It takes only 100 people donating $20 for us to reach our goal.

We keep the cost of membership low, as the Raiders believe that drum corps experience should be accessible to as many as possible. In order to achieve our low tuition costs, we rely on donations such as yours to build the best program we can, including top educators, first-class facilities, and quality instruments and equipment.

This season, give $20 for 2020. Your contribution will help this coming season's members have a life-changing drum corps experience.

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