Shannons Walk for ACC CURE

by ACC C.U.R.E.

Adrenal cancer is an extremely rare and deadly form of cancer, affecting only 1-2 million people worldwide. Experts in this field are minimal, most oncologists will never see this cancer in their career. Moffitt is a major source of discovery and development of more effective approaches to cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment. Dr. Julie Hallanger-Johnson and Dr. Ricardo Gonzalez are researching the causes and different treatments for ACC and working with other ACC experts throughout the nation and in Europe.


As rare as this cancer is, St. Petersburg has been affected in higher numbers than statistics state as "normal" in the past few years. Soon after my own diagnosis in 2015, I learned of a friend's sister from high school that was diagnosed in 2013. Then in April of 2017, one of my oldest and dearest friends was also diagnosed. After 7 months of a fierce and brave battle, Shannon's body was ultimately weaker than her spirit. Her passing has left a significant impact on the community. Shannon dedicated her life to non-profit organizations and was very passionate for raising funds for those in need. In honor of Shannon's sweet soul and passion to help others, Shannon's Walk for ACC CURE is dedicated to our beautiful friend who inspired so many. All of the funds raised through Shannon's Walk will benefit Moffitt Cancer Center for adrenal cancer research.


Whether you're recruiting team members or brainstorming possible donors, taking just a few minutes to jog your memory about all the people in your network will make your outreach that much more successful. Here are a few things to remember:

Have a call-to-action. Make sure you know what you're asking people to do. Donate? Join your team? Both? Review your email, letter or social post and make sure you can spot "the ask."

Keep it personal. Always let people know why you are participating in Shannons Walk. You can't expect them to support you if they don't know why you are involved.

Make it easy. Include your fundraising link in all of your communications, so people can quickly take action.

Don't be afraid to have a deadline. Challenge people to sign up or make a donation within the next 12 minutes, 12 hours or 12 days. Giving people some sense of urgency will help get them motivated.



Okay, here's the hardest part. You've sent your emails; you've posted on social media; you've sent out a few letters. And you've raised some serious donations. But maybe you're only halfway toward your goal or you have just a few days left until Shannons Walk and could use a few more donations. Here's the thing: People want to support you! But life is busy, email boxes are inundated, and social media feeds quickly get clogged. Sometimes you need to ask more than once to break through the clutter and get those hard-earned donations.

Fundraising Milestones

Re-engage your audience as you reach specific milestones toward your goal progress.

First donation!

25% to goal!

50% to goal!

75% to goal!


Time Until Event Day

Remind people how close the race is to make them feel a sense of urgency around donating.

2 months until event day!

1 month until event day!

2 weeks until event day!

1 week until event day!

Today's the day!

Use Thank You's

On social media, you can tag your donors to thank them for their contribution.

Content is Key

In between specific asks, share stories about Shannons Walk or about the great work of Moffitt Cancer Center. You can also include team progress, pictures of your fundraising efforts and much more to engage with people throughout your Shannons Walk experience.



Host a Fundraiser!

Want to do more than send emails and post to social media? You can host fundraisers with your friends, family or co-workers. Have a child in school? There are a lot of ways to get students involved in the fundraising game. The following are just some suggestions — the possibilities are as big as your imagination:

Dress down day

Game/trivia night

Penny wars

Bake sale

Chili competition

Happy hour

Outdoor movie night

Plant sale

Community concert

Gift wrap fundraiser

Car wash

Nearly new sale

Volleyball/basketball tournament

Pancake breakfast

Get a Corporate Partner!

There are so many ways to engage companies in your Shannons Walk  fundraising. Here are just a couple:


A lot of companies would love to partner with Shannons Walk through your participation in Shannon's Walk. It's a meaningful way for them to align their brand with an organization doing good work in their own backyard.

Matching Gifts

Thousands of companies have a matching gift program. Reach out to your company to see if they are willing to match your fundraising efforts and ask your donors to do the same. It's a simple way to double — and sometimes triple — your donations!

Make A Donation