Breathing and mental health awareness challenge COVID-19

by Activated Life

We are living in tough times where Coronavirus has locked down the whole world. This Virus attacks our lungs and causes breathlessness . We want to raise awareness for correct technique of breathing to strengthen people lungs and create programs to support mental health . 

Coronavirus pandemic could inflict emotional trauma and PTSD on an unprecedented scale, scientists warn.

Without the breath we have nothing, as this is what gives us our life. Many people just breathe without consciously thinking about it. But, the way we breathe is the way we live and through our breath we can consciously influence our mind. Breathing influences every cell of our body. If our breathing is shallow and erratic, our body is full of hormonal imbalances. Shallow breathing does not give us the right amount of oxygen and does not allow for the right amount of toxins to be removed from our body.The toxins build up in the body leading to all sorts of issues which may ]lead to different types of diseases which in-turn affects our overall immunity. Through breathing we can influence our nervous system, transform our mental, emotional and even our physical health

At Activated, we use a powerful 5-step approach to overcome mental health issues and live healthier, more balanced lives. With a multi-faceted outlook which combines personal growth and self-reflection with proven techniques for creating positive, lasting change. The fund raised is going to be used in creation of programs and awareness campaigns. Technology is huge part of addressing and bringing people together. Our approach includes:

• Establishing Inner connection

Developing a better relationship with yourself is vital for overcoming mental health issues. Using meditation, mindfulness and powerful breathing techniques, Activated helps you identify your subconscious beliefs, stop negativity and doubt, and harness the calming effects of meditation. These techniques are specially designed to reduce stress, anxiety, depression and other mental health issue by providing necessary tools and trainings

• Social Connections

Social connectedness is critically important to warding off loneliness and resulting depression. With our Activated online and physical meeting rooms, you can find like-minded people to talk to and build your relationships with other driven, motivated people. Social connections help inspire and empower you, giving you ideas, strategies for self-development, and a caring support system who are all trying to achieve the same things.

• Personal Growth

Self-reflection and self-development are essential parts of creating positive change. At Activated, we strive to gain a deeper understanding of our own minds and inner psyches, which helps us identify who we truly are – and what we really want out of life.

• Physical Activity

Physical exercise is vital for developing a healthy body – and with it, a healthy mind. Activated are strong proponents of fitness, believing it to be a powerful tool for motivating you to improve your life and relationships. We are going work on aerobics, yoga and other techniques

• Counseling and Giving Back

We are going to provide 24/7 crisis counseling services and resources for people receiving emotional distress. An overlooked part of creating positive change is helping others who are in the same place you were. Activated encourages you to share your story with other leaders and entrepreneurs, inspiring and empowering them to achieve their own goals and overcome whatever challenges and difficulties they face.

How Do We Take Action?

In our mission to raise mental health awareness and empower people, Activated strives to tackle mental health problems in a variety of ways.

We campaign to reduce stigma, labels, and prejudice toward people suffering from mental health problems. By eliminating negative attitudes we can better encourage people to come forward with their struggles and seek treatment.

We train leaders through our leadership programs, then have them implement awareness workshops at their workplaces. In doing this, we can spread our message further and reach those in need of the Activated philosophy. It’s very important to get into businesses as lot of mental health issues comes from work places

We organize local groups , online social connections and conferences in cities across the country helping with policy and system change to create better support systems and treatment options for those who struggle with mental health.

We partner with celebrities to launch awareness campaigns, taking our message to those who need it. We give platform for people to share their stories

We are raising these funds to give support to millions who are going to go through rough times and would need our services, support and love.  With this money, we are going to establish direct line of communication and provide free resources to cope up with extremely hard times and give opportunities!.

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