Keep Coatesville Kids Learning at Home | COVID-19 Relief

by Activated Life

Donors who text the code "HELPCOVID19" to 44-321 will see this campaign page.

With physical schools closed, we need a new way to provide kids what they need to learn and deliver on our mission on promoting healthy environments. 

Many Coatesville kids simply do not have the same resources at home, than they did when they were "physically" school.  For starters, having a stable, flat surface is essential for a successful learning environment

Kids have many more distractions at home versus when they are in school environment; therefore, we have sourced school desks from the Coatesville Impact Opportunity Zone Fund and discounted supplies, paint, brushes, paint trays, aprons, etc.  

100% of your donation goes for:

  • 95% is for sourcing Art Supplies (crafts/stickers/paint/brushes)
  • 5.0% will be allocated towards safe, reliable transportation to drop bags off at the doorstep of families homes. 

There have been many lessons learned in last few months. The strongest lesson is that coming together makes us stronger. That is why this project is so important. This is a creative project for families to do together during their time in self-isolation. 

To ensure the safety of our team and communities, and in accordance with local recommendations, Activated Life will drop off the desks on the front porches of the families in need in Coatesville and Chester County. 

Our team will continue to monitor the situation and update our guidance on working from home and staff travel in the coming weeks.

Stay Activated!

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