Support the premiere of Distances Smaller Than This Are Not Confirmed

by Advanced Beginner Group

Please help us bring Advanced Beginner Group’s newest work to its NYC premiere in January 2020!

David Neumann and Marcella Murray are multi-disciplinary theatre artists who came together to engage in a conversation about race that went beyond their previous experiences with conversations about race. A leap of faith for both, they’ve worked hard over the past year and a half to find a theatrical form for their conversation, and they hope you find this approach inspiring.

Distances Smaller Than This Are Not Confirmed started with a 3-year-long ongoing conversation between David and Marcella about race. And life. And race. Three years later, and the conversation has evolved into a full-fledged theatre piece that visits different scales of experience and understanding, from intimate to microscopic to astronomical. Space, Time, and personal experience are all discussed on the set of a TV talk show where race isn’t quite avoidable, live on-air. Like everyone else, the people involved don’t know the answers even as they begin the work. Mistakes and conflict are expected. Self-care, laughter, dancing, and common trust are, too.

David and Marcella are thrilled to be doing this exciting and challenging work with such wonderful collaborators as: Tei Blow (lead collaborator and sound designer), Hyung Seok Jeon (video designer and performer), Chris Green (set and props designer), Melanie George (dramaturg), Julius Powell (performer), Montana Blanco (costume designer), Grace Gilmore (lighting designer), Stew (original music), Janet Clancy (production manager), Boo Froebel (producer), and Amanda Brandes (administrative director).

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