Give Light to Northwest Immigrant Detainees

by Advocates for Immigrants in Detention Northwest

AIDNW affirms the value and human dignity of immigrants by providing access to vital resources to assist them on their path to live independent, productive lives. 

When immigrants are detained, then held in immigration detention at the Tacoma Northwest Detention Center, Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) removes all their belongings. While detainees await hearings, taking weeks to even years, AIDNW provides emotional support and practical help, largely through trained volunteers, including visits, phone access so detainees can call loved ones, and books and craft supplies to help them pass the time. As ICE releases detainees at the gate, RV Welcome Center volunteers give a warm greeting; provide phone cards, clothing, backpacks, and snacks. Volunteers arrange temporary safe housing and onward travel assistance by bus, train or plane so immigrants can reach families or friends in the US. More info?

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