Night In for Girls

by AfricAid

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Whether you're hosting an online coffee via Google Hangouts or pouring a glass of wine with old friends via Zoom, every dollar you raise will help a girl reach her potential. 

Nothing is more powerful than an educated girl. AfricAid supports locally-led mentoring programs in Tanzania that have helped nearly 10,000 secondary school girls succeed in school, in their careers, and in their communities.

Need wine for your event?

AfricAid has partnered with ONEHOPE Wine, so every bottle of wine ordered through this link will generate a donation to AfricAid. 10% of your purchase price will come back to us, increasing the overall generosity of your event even more! 

About These Programs

The long-term, high-touch extracurricular programs AfricAid supports through our local partner link successful, university-educated Tanzanian women with secondary school girls to help them learn life skills they won’t learn anywhere else: critical thinking, creativity and emotional intelligence needed to live lives they choose for themselves, and lead in their communities. This has resulted in a number of other positive outcomes, from low rates of pregnancy to higher rates of graduation, better performance on national exams, and high rates of girls who attend university and who create positive change in their communities.

Every dollar we raise together is critical to the success of these programs. Thank you for making a difference!

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