5 by 5 Virtual Alzheimer's Walk

by The Alzheimer's Family Support Center

COVID-19 grows by a factor of three: one person infects three others and so on until thousands are infected. The pandemic has thrown all plans to the wind, causing us to cancel the Dave Birtwell Memorial Walk scheduled for May 9 in Harwich. Last year this walk earned $75k to fund our free services. That's a big number for a small nonprofit to earn, even more so when it represents a loss. But if we've learned anything recently it's that we are stronger together than we are apart. Through calling and an increased online presence the AFSC community has not only remained intact, it is growing. To keep free services up and running we have created the 5 FOR 5 campaign, turning COVID-19's deadly math to an advantage by asking you to take these steps:

1. Between now and June 13, take a walk- around your living room, yard, or neighborhood. If you don't want to walk, dance!

2. Take a selfie or video and send it to us or make your own walk page.

3. Make a $5 donation to the AFSC (more is you can, less if you can't.)

4. Invite 5 more people to join and walk with you virtually.

5. Text 44-321 and type in GIVEALZ or ALZGIVE and text it to your friends.

6. Text 508 274-0912 for assistance or call the office 508 896-5170

Our goal is to get thousands of people to participate, each of us giving a little to help carry our families through the COVID-!( pandemic.

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