Ezrat Esther Chesed Fund (of Mishkan Shaul)... ... in memory of Esther Tawil Aboud a"h

by American friends of Mishkan Shaul

in memory of Esther (Tawil) Aboud A"H

A Woman Who Never Stopped Giving

Esther passed away at age 44. Esther was all heart. She had a sincere smile and sweet personality that put a person at ease, and she truly cared about people. Despite many challenges in life she always remained  upbeat. Her great emunah was  unshakable and this is a legacy that she and her husband Avi (he should live and be well) worked very hard to impart to their family. As a grand-daughter of Charlie Serouya A’H, In addition to her warm smile and deep Torah convictions what stood out the most was her tremendous chesed (kindness). Thousands of people have benefited from her work in establishing and running Hatzalah of the Jersey Shore together with her husband Avi Aboud… their dedication and selflessness is legendary. She never had anything negative to say about anyone. She was a beacon of happiness to all who encountered her. It is therefore fitting that, in her memory, we dedicate the Ezrat Esther Chesed Fund to distribute food, clothing and Shabbat and Holiday packages in Eretz Yisrael through Mishkan Shaul. 

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