Noor Expansion Project

by Noor Islamic Cultural Center

About this campaign

The Noor Islamic Cultural Center (NICC) stands out like a beacon of hope in Central Ohio. From its humble beginnings of about 15 families in 2006 to the over 2000 families who call NICC their home today, NICC remains a major symbol for Muslims in Central Ohio.

Today NICC is major hub of activity in Central Ohio that serves a very diverse community of multiple ethnicity/races, nationalities, and socioeconomic levels. Activities and programs are directed to fulfill the spiritual, education and social needs of our youth, families, converts, couples, and respected elders. It offers daily prayers, juma’ (Friday), and Taraweeh. Over 1000 students participate in one or more educational programs: Weekend School programs, Noor Kids Club, Hifz, and Qur’anic recitation.

The NICC Expansion project is at a critical point where your support is required in order to accelerate the work and alleviate the daily challenges NICC faces in delivering high-quality programs and services to all 2000 families that pass through its doors. With your support and the permission of Allah, Most High, let us work together to expand NICC so that it will indeed be a “model community of Muslim Americans striving to reach their full potential and positively contributing to society.”

Please watch the details about our expansion project in the video on this page.

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