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by Amizade

CEOLI is a non-profit organization that was created to help people with disabilities in the city of Cochabamba and to promote their comprehensive education and integration into society. It was cleared by a Ministerial Resolution issued by the Bolivian government and was granted its corresponding legal operating permit that ensures its legal status by SEDEGES (Departamental de Gestion Social).

The organization was founded in 1986 by a Jesuit priest, a religious sister, a disabled person, and volunteers who were looking to find practical solutions to the problems faced in the daily lives of people who needed help. 

CEOLI began its activities in a small office working to provide support to people with different types of disabilities. Initially, this took the form of job training. As time passed, the organization was granted land as a gratuitous bailment used to develop diverse environments to accommodate its range of services. CEOLI designed its strategic plan to ensure its operations meet the requirements of the young adults and children it serves.

Currently, CEOLI provides support to young adults and children with intellectual and/or physical disabilities from different parts of Cochabamba. The center services 80 children and employs 16 full-time staff members including leadership, teachers, and therapists. At CEOLI, 36% of the children have Down’s syndrome, 26% are intellectually disabled, 20% suffer from cerebral palsy and 6% have autism. The remaining 12% are afflicted with other forms of disabilities, including hydrocephaly and muscular dystrophy.

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