Step Up to Cure ALS

by The Angel Fund for ALS Research

About this campaign

The Angel Fund for ALS Research raises funds for ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) research at UMass Medical School.

ALS is a progressive and ultimately fatal neurological disease that attacks the motor neurons in the brain, brain stem and spinal cord. The resulting motor neuron loss causes increasingly debilitating paralysis as the muscles of the body waste away. Death comes when victims lose critical functions such as the ability to swallow and ultimately, to breathe.

ALS is particularly insidious because the intellect remains intact throughout the course of the disease. Victims are cruelly aware of their fate as they gradually lose the ability to control their muscles, to communicate, and eventually to breathe.

There is no cure ....But we have hope.

ALS research is underfunded. The math is simple....ALS Research + Funding = Cure.

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