Modern Chalk Circle

by Artistic New Directions

Modern Chalk Circle is an ensemble play devised and written by Nikomeh Anderson, Sophia Castuera, Sarah Harburg-Petrich, E.L. Hohn, Laura Menzie, Fenny Novyane and Rani O'Brien, with additional material by Dana Stern.

The play is a satire of a dystopian near-future, and one young woman’s journey to find security, home, and most of all, family. Set in a United States not far in the future, a woman just trying to get by in a racist nation finds herself stuck with a famous baby and a quest to answer the question: in dark times, are there good people? 

This March we have the opportunity to present Modern Chalk Circle in a festival workshop production in conjunction with Artistic New Direction's Eclectics Festival. Your donation will help our workshop production of Modern Chalk Circle become fully realized. 

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