South Asian Avant-Garde (SAAG): A Dissident Literary Anthology

by Asian American Writers' Workshop

Imagine a new literary anthology showcasing South Asia. Smart. Spiky. Political. Unafraid. An anthology that elevates artists from places beyond a few Indian cities—introduces us to mainstream voices from Balochistan, Nepal, Kashmir, Assam, Maldives, the West Indian diaspora, and more. Imagine a wealth of stories, poems, comics, short plays, and multimedia art.

We are living through a moment of reexamination. So many stories, in the margins, are waiting to be told. That's where South Asian Avant-Garde (SAAG) comes in. Nothing like this exists. Help us bring it to life and speak truth to power at all levels of artistic engagement. 

Your financial support goes directly into the bank account of a South Asian artist. Keeping things digital allows us to reach everyone, anywhere. Creative work is labor and should be compensated accordingly. Paying artists fairly is essential during COVID, when creatives are experiencing severe income loss. To show our gratitude, we offer perks for your support.

We are so excited to bring SAAG to you and imagine a new world. Art can help be the torch, illuminating the way forward.

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