Turn 2020 Around

by Atlas Assistance Dogs

Turn 2020 around. Make an impact for people with disabilities.

Service dogs change lives. This year, more than ever, we have seen the immense impact of these incredible animals. Many of our clients have been impacted by the pandemic, and their service dogs have made it possible for them to stay safe both physically and mentally. Unfortunately, many people with disabilities currently are unable to obtain a service dog due to the many existing barriers and limited access. Atlas is changing that.

Our innovative programs allow people to train their own service dog with the proper support to ensure their success, and at significantly lower cost than many existing services. 

We can do this thanks to:

  • Donors and supporters like you who allow Atlas to grow and help even more people in need
  • Our incredible Team Facilitators who work hands-on with our clients and support them through their training. Did we mention these are volunteers?
  • Our many dedicated volunteers who help run Atlas and have made it what it is today

We want to expand access to service dogs even more by launching our Assistance Dogs Set in Motion™ program. 

This will work by:

  • Partnering with ethical and qualified breeders, as well as shelters, to locate well-suited service dog candidates for the client
  • Team Facilitators will then take the puppy and begin crucial foundational training 
  • Throughout the process, client and facilitator are in touch so that the client is never kept in the dark
  • When the dog is mature enough, and the person is ready, the dog will be transferred over to them with continuing support from Atlas
  • When ready, they will start Atlas' team training program

We hear all too often from people in need of a service dog but who don't know where to start looking for a suitable dog. We hear from people who desperately need help training their puppy for a few months but who cannot afford private trainer fees for a board and train. We hear from people with all different types of disabilities, with all different backgrounds who are running into too many barriers. 

Help us break these barriers. Help increase access to service dogs for people with disabilities. Help make 2020 just a little better.

Your gift will have DOUBLE the impact and be matched up to $2,500.

Thank you for your support!

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