Sit Ups For Pups

by Barbells For Bullies

Our goal is to collectively do at least 1.2 million sit ups as a fitness community in the month of March, to represent the estimated 1.2 million dogs that are euthanized every year.

That's the population of Dallas, TX. And it happens every single year.

Shelter overpopulation is a huge concern but we can all make a difference.

Adopt, foster, volunteer, advocate, educate. 

This event is all about getting people involved and raising awareness, and costs absolutely nothing to enter. Many of you asked for a way to go above-and-beyond, and you can create a fundraiser for your gym to raise money as a team, or you can raise funds as an individual! This is about exemplifying our mission of fostering a fit community that rallies around rescue! 

The funds we raise from these peer to peer events will go towards spay neuter initiatives around the country in the most high-risk areas. Why is that important? Because in addition to advocating, rescuing, championing responsible pet ownership- the best way to prevent over 1 million dogs from being killed annually is to stop them from entering the shelter in the first place by preventing unwanted litters. If you'd like to nominate a clinic in your area - please email us at

Check out OUR WEBSITE for some incentives for gyms that hit certain fundraising milestones 

"The whole point of this endeavor is to exemplify our mission of fostering a fit community that rallies around rescue and utilizes fitness as a method of engagement and awareness. We want this to start conversations and engage people, i.e. 'hey, why are we trying to do a million sit ups?' 'Because that's how many dogs are killed every year in shelters.' We're hoping people will hear that and get in the fight, and start to volunteer, advocate, educate, adopt, foster, and do whatever else they can!"

- Alex Castiglione, Founder, Barbells For Bullies

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