In this historic moment, what will be your contribution?


How will you remember 2020? For BAYCAT, we’ll remember the power of storytelling to both spark a global racial justice movement and downplay a deadly pandemic. Stories shape the way we see the world, and the way the world sees us—they can help us imagine new possibilities or further divide us. 

We know that the story of 2020 would look radically different if our young people were behind the camera and calling the shots. That’s why BAYCAT has been helping low-income, young women, and BIPOC youth share their experiences through media for the past 16 years. 

BAYCAT believes the world would be more beautiful, inclusive, and equitable if everyone sees themselves in it. We each have a part to play in ending racism in sexism. 

With your help, BAYCAT will educate and train young women and BIPOC young people to reclaim their own narratives and launch their careers in the media industry. Our pathway offers access to industry-standard equipment, digital software, mentorship and professional coaching by other women and BIPOC creatives, and networking opportunities to build bridges to the media industry. 

Your gift will directly support this vital work as we continue to shelter-in-place, providing our young people with economic resources, a creative outlet, and an opportunity to create media that makes a difference in their local community. 

It’s time to write a new narrative that includes all of our stories. In this historic moment, what will your contribution be? Join us today.

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