Making the World More Beautiful, Inclusive & Equitable.


Media matters. It shapes our culture — one film, one news clip, one story at a time. So if we’re ever going to create an equitable future, we need equitable representation in the media. We at BAYCAT work to change the storytellers, so they can change the world.

People of color and women are not represented adequately where the stories are made and distributed. While people of color make up nearly 40 percent of the U.S. population, in the film industry just a fraction of that number work as directors (12.6%) or writers (7.8%). And only 12.6 % of directors and writers are female.

At BAYCAT, we created a pathway, from education to job placement, in the media and creative industry for women and people of color. Our students have access to the latest technologies, mentorship, professional coaching, and networking opportunities to build bridges between people of color, women, and the industry.

We believe the world would be more beautiful, inclusive, and equitable if everyone sees themselves in it. If we change the storytellers, we change the stories, and ultimately we change the world. Together, we are forging the future.

Will you join us?

Your gift will help provide: free digital media education to low-income youth of color and young women, ages 11-18, and hands-on job training to young women and diverse young adults, ages 18-25.

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