by Bell Canyon Volunteer Wildland Fire Department



How will YOU support your community?  The BCVWFD was formed in 2020 with a primary mission to protect Bell Canyon residents and property by supporting and augmenting local fire agencies.  Members are trained wildland firefighters certified by the California Office of the State Fire Marshal/State Fire Training program. The BCVWFD is NOT a replacement for 911 emergency resources, but offers specific, limited emergency/medical services.  Training without tools can only go so far - and there is a significant amount of equipment we still need. Firefighters participate in fire preparedness drills several times a month and devote their time to the protection of your family, your neighbors, and all residents and their properties.

The BCVWFD was created in response to a collective experience of the Woolsey Fire of 2018 - most department members stayed in the canyon to fight the fire, and one even lost his home.  Residents wanted a way to have better control over shared community destiny and the BCVWFD was born. BCVWFD members are also available to advise and assist with pool fire pump installation and snake removal/relocation.

We are asking for a minimum donation of $250 from every household to kick off our Inaugural Donor Drive. Your donation amount will help the Bell Canyon Volunteer Wildland Fire Department purchase the firefighting apparatus, equipment, tools, PPE, and further training we need to help defend our canyon and its residents. You can make an annual one-time tax-deductible donation, or break up your donation into monthly installments. Does your employer match eligible employee contributions? You can double your donation amount by giving through them! We invite you to share the fundraiser with your friends and family through social media and email - you can even create your own Peer to Peer fundraising effort to help us get to our goal.

Looking to make a lasting impact and gain permanent recognition of your support? Join the Founders Circle!  We are looking for an elite group of Founding Donors to make a minimum donation of $2,500 on behalf of their family or their business.  You will not only be making a pivotal effect within the BCVWFD, but you will be thanked with permanent recognition on community grounds as well as on our website and social media!

Fire season is rapidly approaching.  We’re counting on every resident for their contribution, and are confident the support will be a united effort.  We are an independent, non-profit organization that is fully funded by community supported donations and staffed by volunteer residents. From firefighting assistance to snake relocation - the Bell Canyon Volunteer Wildland Fire Department benefits all residents within the gates.   Make your tax-deductible donation TODAY and support those that volunteer to support you, your family, and your neighbors.  We look forward to putting your donation to good use as we build up and sustain the Bell Canyon Volunteer Wildland Fire Department!

Donate here today -  or contribute via check.  Contact us to arrange the pickup of your donation or mail it to the BCVWFD, 29 Baymare Road, Bell Canyon, CA 91307

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