Light Up Shabbat at Berkeley Hillel

by Berkeley Hillel

Help us reach our goal of 1500 Shabbat To Go meals - enough to ensure all Jewish students at Cal receive Shabbat to go each week, for the entire spring semester! 


How weekly Shabbat meals make a real difference
(Berkeley students in their own words)

"It really makes my week easier knowing someone is looking out for me."

"The fact that Hillel still provides meals despite us not being able to meet in person makes me feel so grateful. I miss the community, but the meal is still much more than saving $10/week on food. It reminds me of how strong the ties are in our community. The fact that this generosity is unconditional means so much. It makes me feel that being Jewish is an honor."

"Berkeley Hillel offering Shabbat dinners every Friday has restored some normality to my life! It allows me and my housemates to come together after a long week of classes and midterms, talk about our days, and refresh. It really makes my week better (and I'm happy to not have to cook too!)"

"We really appreciate the meals! I usually spend a lot of time at Hillel and I really miss it this semester, so I love seeing who else is picking up food and chatting with staff!!"

"These Shabbat dinners have really made this tough semester a lot better and have allowed me to connect to the Jewish community in a time where connection has been difficult."

"Hillel Shabbat dinners have been an amazing constant through these times where everything is changing, knowing I will always have dinner and community at Hillel is so comforting."

"THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROSITY! The food is super helpful and delicious."

"My roommates and I make it a big thing and it’s the highlight of our week so THANK YOU DONORS ❤️❤️❤️❤️"


During Giving Tuesday only, for every TWO meals you donate, a THIRD meal is being MATCHED.

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