Help for Titan

by Beyond Nine Cat Rescue

Titan, who first came to us with mange and who was skinny as a rail, finally gained some weight and his fur was looking good. Recently he has had severe pain in his mouth and after a trip to the vet, we discovered he has feline stomatitis. This disease is a severe, painful inflammation of a cat's mouth and gums. His teeth are good, but his immune system is attacking the gums in response to bacteria in his mouth.

Titan's pain is horrible. He cries out often and if anyone touches his mouth area, he lashes out. Even unsuspecting kitties just walking by him get accused of causing his pain, it's all very sad. We need to raise $2,300 to extract all of his teeth. Then he'll be pain-free and able to enjoy life for once! If you can, please donate to help us help Titan. He's a good boy who needs a helping paw.

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