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by Big Picture Foundation

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Dear Friends,

There are big changes at the BPF home base! To keep up with the momentum of BPF’s growth, we’ve expanded our crew of teachers and mentors to help support the creative efforts of BPF participants!

A group of middle- and high-school-aged students in Rye, New York, launched the Big Picture Foundation to encourage young people worldwide to use the arts as part of local, national, and global leadership and community-building initiatives. Among the efforts, students focus on shared art education challenges and contribute work to three online art galleries. Over the past year, participants have hailed from 18 countries, including China, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Greece, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kenya, Nepal, Samoa, Spain, Syria, the United States of America, and Zambia.

Home-based students in Rye hosted an evening of crafts for kids living in foster care who were awaiting US reunification with family members. The Rye crew loomed hats for families in need of winter warmth, they created public service announcements about the Black Lives Matter movement, they worked on environmental initiatives, and they contributed to the online galleries. They also created public health posters in collaboration with RyeACT and the Rye Youth Council. And, in a joint effort with the Rye City School District, Rye kids worked on a town-wide sidewalk chalk event during the spring quarantine.  

Big Picture Foundation students from around the world submitted visual arts, dance, music, lessons about cultural foods, and storybook readings from their countries to BPF’s three online galleries. They developed online concerts and worked on projects to highlight our beautifully diverse and interactive community. They shared news and rallied to build content when the world was in lockdown. We’re all so lucky to have this wonderful way to connect!

Please find an annual report link on the BPF homepage:

Thank you so much for helping Big Picture Foundation to thrive!


Kim Tamalonis, Executive Director

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