Food For Impact

by The Black 6 Project

There are many first responders and healthcare workers working on the frontline of this battle to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Hours are spent caring for those possibly infected on top of caring for this ill with other health problems. This pandemic has caused an overwhelming burden on the healthcare and emergency response system.

The Black 6 Project has teamed up with other veteran-owned food companies, Milk Money Kitchens and Tac N Roll to provide food that is fresh, healthy, and fulfilling.

We are looking for other restaurants and caterers to bring food to the frontline. We are looking for you to take this pledge with us to prepare these meals at free, low-cost or at-cost prices, so we can keep our frontline in the fight. 

We are asking people to donate $10. This helps feed a nurse for a day. The nurse that has to wear hear mask, gown and face shield through the whole shift. The EMT, who has responded to 14 emergency calls during their shift. Each one with uncertainty with what they're being exposed to. The doctor, who faces uncertainty on what treatment to follow to ensure the recovery of their patient. 

The Black 6 Project's role is to provide logistical support and the charitable support of volunteers to bring these meals to where they are needed the most.

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