Operation Taal

by The Black 6 Project

The Black 6 Project is seeking donations to help with the disaster response planning to aid those affected by the eruption of Taal Volcano located in central Luzon, Philippines. 

Since its eruption on January 12th, inches of ash have fallen in the surrounding communities causing health hazards to many in the area. With approximately 459,000 residing in a 14-kilometer danger zone, many have been evacuated to evacuation centers in the province of Batangas. 

The donations will be allocated to:

  • send needed supplies like protective masks to evacuation zones
  • procure food and shelter to those affected
  • equip our disaster response team with necessary protective equipment
  • cover the cost of travel from our base of operations in the US to the Philippines

Thank you for your support and our all-volunteer is working feverishly to help those during this critical time. For any questions or if you have any information that can help our mission, please contact us at info@black6project.org 

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