Bloomingdale School of Music Performathon 2020

by Bloomingdale School of Music

Bloomingdale School of Music's 20th Annual Performathon! An online, student-driven performance & fundraiser for BSM’S scholarship fund, culminating in a live musical event on June 6, 2020, at 6 pm.

What is Performathon?

Help support Bloomingdale School of Music's Scholarship Program, the core of our mission to provide open access to quality music education! 

Our 2-week fundraising campaign gives BSM students the chance to upload a personal performance video to their own fundraising page, share with family and friends, and ask them to donate to BSM’s scholarship fund in honor of their performance. Join us on June 6 for a culminating live event featuring student performance highlights, and a layered faculty ensemble video finale. Hear live from BSM students how studying music at BSM has impacted their lives. Join the chat to celebrate BSM's musical community from near and far! 


  • Click on "I Want to Fundraise for This"  ---->
  • Sign up to help fundraise by creating a personal fundraising page, anytime between May 22- June 6, where you can also post your video performance. Talk about why you love music and BSM on your page!
  • Video record yourself performing a short piece (that you’ve prepared with your BSM teacher) and post it to your personal fundraising page
  • If you don’t have a youtube channel, email the video to and we’ll upload the video to our Performathon channel and send you the link to share on your fundraising page.
  • You can also create your own private youtube channel and upload your video there first, then copy the link to your fundraising page
  • Share with friends & family near and far and ask them to donate to our scholarship fund in honor of your performance
  • Share your page through social media too!


Grand Prize: Win an Apple iPad! The student who raises the most wins an Apple iPad, 128 GB, and an Apple Care package. (Data plan NOT included). This prize will be shipped to the winner’s home. This student will also receive a signed score from Hollywood composer, Michael Giacchino!

Second Place Prize: Win a pair of Apple AirPods Pro! The student who raises the second-highest amount wins a pair of Apple AirPods Pro. This prize will be shipped to the winner’s home.

For help with any technical issues or questions about the event, please email:

Why we do Performathon

ACCESS to music education for all has been our hallmark since our founding over 50 years ago. We work with our students to eliminate barriers to quality music education. Financial aid is key in many cases. Over the past decade alone, Bloomingdale has awarded more than $2 million in tuition assistance and aided thousands of families. Our annual Performathon is a way for students to share the music and raise funds to support their peers and help provide access to all.  

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