Fall Radiothon 2020: Oct 14-27

by Radio Boise

Radio Boise has been here for years, but 2020 has in many ways defined the true power of community radio. Since March of 2020, our programmers and staff have continued to bring a sense of connection, hope, and resilience in the midst of times that have challenged each and every one of us. Radio Boise is a partnership. Now it's that time of year where you can sustain your signal.

Meeting our Fall Radiothon fundraising goal of $65,000 will provide critical support to sustain our people, keep our lights ablaze, and secure our financial stability in the months to come.

It is essential that we support those things that are most important to us... Places where your help will really matter. And that makes your support for Radio Boise, given today, more important than ever. Show your support for your favorite music and local public affairs programming with a donation today, and we'll continue to transform your financial support into sounds that illuminate the darkness.

Every contribution will be wisely spent and we'll squeeze every decibel possible out of each dollar you give. If you love shows like Tennis Court Disco, Necessary Luxuries, The V3, Vital Idaho, The Latino Card, Jazz Beyond the Sky, the Lovely Afro, and... We could go on. And on. The short version is that if you love people-powered radio with programmers who shape the tone of their shows independently, you can help keep us going.

You've never let us down, and you have our sincere thanks for whatever you can afford to give.

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