KRBX 10th Anniversary Video Documentary!

by Radio Boise

Radio Boise is approaching 10 years of being on the FM airwaves! 10 years is nothing to sneeze at, but the history of Boise Community Radio Project goes all the way back to 2002. Back then, Radio Boise was an internet-only broadcast coming from a humble room filled with patchwork audio gear and dedicated audiophiles sitting at the desk. KRBX has come a long way since the first on-air broadcast in April of 2011. On the eve of 10 years of terrestrial radio, we’d like to share the story of this hard knock, hard working radio station - and we could use your support.

Our mission is to create a cinema-screen worthy documentary. We would like to take you back to the beginning, and let the voices of all the dedicated eccentric experts who made KRBX 89.9 FM possible tell the true and unfiltered tale.

This will be the unearthing of a variety of unique accounts. You will hear all about the heroic efforts to bring people powered content to stereos across the Treasure Valley, and beyond. Supernatural phenomena, members of the local music & arts scene desperately trying to build a signal that would serve the best interests of the community. Most of all, you will hear how this left of the dial oddity has come to mean so much, to so many.

It’s ambitious, and it’s entirely something that we hope you will be a part of!

Your support will help to tell this story as it deserves to be told. Cameras, audio equipment & professional expertise come at a cost. We humbly ask that you consider becoming a supporter of this historical project. The accounting of the last decade of Radio Boise will help to ensure more years of a unique and readily accessible voice for the Treasure Valley and beyond.

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