Throw It Out The Window Challenge

by Boy Scouts of America, Longhouse Council

Join Sabattis Scout Reservation's band, The Other Direction, and Throw It Out The Window! What are we throwing out the window? Whatever you want! That song that's stuck in your head, throw it out the window! The bathroom scale that's showing the effects your quarantine snacks, throw it out the window! Your dirty Scout socks, throw them out the window! 2020, THROW IT OUT THE WINDOW!

Have some fun and record your own verse or take a picture and post it on social media with  #ThrowItOutTheWindow then challenge 5 others to join in the fun! Don't forget to make a donation so we can all join together around the campfire again next summer!

By joining the challenge you are sending Scouts to camp, maintaining Scout camps, training leaders, and helping Scouts reach their full potential.

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