Give in Solidarity

by Brandworkers

Help Brandworkers raise $123,000 before December 8th by contributing today. Then register to join us on December 8 for the first-ever virtual Brandworkers Awards Gala. You'll hear from NYC food factory workers about the solidarity we are building and from two Champions of Economic Justice about their critical work to grow worker justice. Register at to join the livestream. 

Your gifts sustain the organizing of NYC food factory workers building a union with the Industrial Workers of the World for dignified jobs and worker power.

Before COVID-19 struck our communities, NYC’s food factory workers faced dangerous conditions and rampant exploitation. Today, workers very survival depends on solidarity. Workers struggled to support their families on meager wages and over 4 in 10 would get injured on the job. Immigrants, particularly women and people of color, faced severe discrimination and disrespect at work.

COVID intensified these struggles as thousands lost their jobs due to production cuts, while others were forced into longer hours to meet a spike in demand. Those workers who remained on the job faced increasingly unsafe working conditions as employers failed to provide adequate sick leave, proper protective equipment, social distancing measures, and clear information about the spread of COVID-19 in factories. Across the country, this reckless disregard for workers’ health has led to thousands of deaths and incalculable, needless suffering. 

NYC’s food factory workers have done what it takes to survive. And to make it possible for all of us to survive as well. Workers have shown up to work and demanded what they need to stay safe. They’ve fought for their right to stay home and take care. And for every worker who’s grounded their survival in the power of a righteous demand, a growing movement of workers has risen in solidarity beside them.

In the midst of a pandemic, our community, sadly, is not intact. We have not all survived. We are not all well. But the solidarity we’re building now, together as workers, will survive. And we’re gonna need it for what’s to come. We’ll need it to create the work and the world we deserve. We’ll need it to express our full power and to realize the fullness of our dreams.

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