Celebrate 40 Years of Caring

by Bread & Roses

“Nowhere else have I ever witnessed the true compassion and understanding for the guests who cross their threshold like at Bread & Roses!”  - James Wilcox, Volunteer 

In just the last year, Bread & Roses made 76,000 meals possible and connected more than 13,000 individuals to food, clothing, life supports and health services. Each individual and family who asked for assistance received the help they needed - when they needed it most. 

As we celebrate our 40th year, we realize how far we’ve come. Our founders were driven by the conviction that no one should face hunger. Decades later, this commitment endures as the cornerstone of our mission - to offer food support to all who seek it - regardless of residential status, sobriety, faith or country of origin. 

Join our legacy of caring and commitment to assist our struggling neighbors by contributing to our Annual Appeal!

Just a few ways your donation fights hunger and hardship in Lawrence:

  • Nutritious evening meals - five days a week 
  • Providing a myriad of life, health and safety supports 
  • Bridging the “SNAP gap” with emergency pantry orders 

We all share the human experience - defined by our solidarity with others. When you support Bread & Roses, you take part in a legacy of caring on a deeply human level by assisting your neighbors facing hardship. 

Faced with extreme poverty, there are more hard days than not for our guests. At Bread & Roses, there is no waiting, no requirements, and no hoops to jump through to get help. This is our commitment.

Nourishing body and soul by creating a community space for all people is our legacy. Your contribution ensures the future of our community hub in the midst of hardship.

Thank you for taking part in our legacy of caring. 

We’re grateful to have a friend in you! 

 P.S. Becoming a monthly sustainer is support that we can count on all year. Just choose "Monthly" when you make your contribution!

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