Creating Community in a Time of Crisis

by Bread & Roses

UPDATE: We're on a roll! We have the most wonderful community, ever. Let's keep this spirit of generosity and giving alive as we head into the new year. 

The Coronavirus pandemic continues to devastate Lawrence. Immigrants, seniors, the homeless and newly unemployed are facing social isolation and increased risk of food insecurity as agencies struggle to meet the rising need.

How do we reach out during a time of crisis to those at risk of falling through the cracks? Our response is to meet people where they are. Since the start of the pandemic, thousands of pounds of meals and bulk food - as well as clothing, toiletries, pet food, laundry cards and gift cards to grocery stores and restaurants - are delivered five days a week to local agencies and churches serving those most at-risk of hardship across Lawrence and the Merrimack Valley.  

This Fall, we launched a regular pantry program dedicated to seniors and veterans that includes home delivery. The Fresh Start program is back in full swing - and laundry cards are making their way into our outreach deliveries - offering the opportunity to stay clean and dry.

You can make a difference - even from a distance - by donating to our Annual Appeal to help our most vulnerable neighbors get through the pandemic this winter.

Your donation could mean a chance for someone experiencing homelessness to sit for a cup of coffee out of the elements or dry wet clothes, for a homebound senior to stock their pantry or for a parent to buy food to feed their family.

We’re uncertain of what the coming year will bring and when we can safely open our doors again. We miss working side by side with you to serve our neighbors together. But we’re doing all we can to keep our community going - by delivering food and other critical life, health, and safety supports. We’ll keep doing what we do best: fighting hunger and hardship where and when it’s needed most.

Now more than ever, we need to remember that our neighbors experiencing poverty need our support. Any donation to our Annual Appeal will help connect folks struggling to survive with the assistance they need. 

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YOU create our community...THANK YOU

“Something really worth mentioning about Bread & Roses is the sense of community that we provide and create. When guests come in, you see this remarkable sense of unity and togetherness... a reminder to everyone that if you're struggling, you don't have to go it on your own.  There are people who are there for you, and who care about you." 
- Sam Kulvete, Volunteer & Board Member

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