Serve Up Hope & Resilience in Lawrence

by Bread & Roses

“For over 25 years, I have been a guest at Bread & Roses. Thank God we have this soup kitchen. Thanks for being there for me.” - Susan F.  

Bread & Roses has been fighting hunger and hardship in Lawrence since 1980.

What we do is simple. In Lawrence - the poorest city in Massachusetts - 1 in 4 live below the poverty line. Bread & Roses provides the homeless, low-income families, immigrants, seniors, veterans and others in need with stable access to food, life essentials, health care and resources. For those with no one and nowhere to turn to for help, we are the safety net, caring community and extended family - all in one. 

When we believe there is plenty for everyone, we deepen our
capacity to share and receive - creating community. 

This is the recipe Bread & Roses cooks up every day - giving unconditionally and inspiring others to do the same - fostering hope and resilience. 

Your contribution creates a real place at the table for a neighbor in need. 

We’ve made over 56,000 meals possible in the past year alone... together, we can do even more. The cost to make a meal happen is just $3. $50 can ensure meals for a family of four for an entire week!

We’ve come such a long way in 38 years - and we invite you to join us as the fight against hunger and hardship continues!

Please contribute what you can...together, we can serve up hope for another 38 years!

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