Fuel Our Fire!

by Bricolage

Every January, the Bricolage team goes to a cabin in the woods to plan the year ahead. We gather around the fire, Jeffrey and Tami tell the story of Bricolage's founding, we cook for each other, and share about our work.

On the last night of this past year's retreat, we gathered around a bonfire in the snow with Jeffrey, Jackie, and Tami. Every year, Bricolage family tradition dictates that Jackie get Jeffrey to tell us the theme for the year. 2019's theme was "building the fire."

This hits home in a year where we tried so many new things. From Theater for All, to making Bazaar better, to Project Amelia - we have been building something bigger all year long. And through it all, people like you keep our fire burning. Whether you donate, volunteer, come to shows, or surprise us with donuts and coffee when we're working round the clock, you help keep our inner flames alight.

We hope you'll donate to Bricolage today, and keep our fires burning in 2020. Thank you, in advance, for being the fuel for our fire, and the heart in our family. We are so very grateful for you, and we hope to see you soon.

P.S. Go here to read our staff retreat story - about the infamous time we found a boat... Thank you for anything you do to support. We appreciate you!

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