JewishVCU 2020

by Jewish Life at VCU

Will you sponsor just one Jewish student?

There are Jewish students on campus, right now. Going about their day. They go to classes, do homework, take tests, socialize, go abroad, have fun, and get coffee together. They’re good kids. They work hard. Make their families proud.

But they are “unlit” - not carrying the flame of Judaism. They are not aware of their rich heritage. They don’t get together for Shabbat or Holidays. And they are not sure how they feel about Israel.

Students struggle all the time with loneliness, depression, and uncertainty. Many of them lack the knowledge and understanding about who they are, where they come from, and what is their place in the world.

You can help them. You can light their fire. You can give them the knowledge of their heritage and the inspiring message of to light up the world with their flames. 

You can help. We need to reach these students. You can light these souls. 

Can you give $180 to sponsor a student for Spring 2020 semester?

Because the students need you right now.

No matter the amount you can give, all of it will be put to good use.  

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