Family Support Fund

by Brookline Teen Center

The Family Support Fund has been used to give financial help to youth and families with minimal red tape. At times when people need help, they don't have time to wade through the bureaucratic process, and the Family Support Fund has allowed us to aid teens and their families instantly. Since November of 2017, we have quietly given over $100k in support to families and teens to help with clothing, food, education, and housing. It has also been used to help support funerals and support families through times of crisis.

With COVID-19, we are all faced with challenges that we could never have imagined. Many of our teens and their families depend on resources that are no longer available and will need help to make it through this tough time.

Help us care for our youth. Please consider donating to the Family Support Fund so that we are able to help provide teens and their families what they need to get through this crisis.

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