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About this campaign

You want to have an impact. You want to #DoMoreWithWhatYouKnow.

Register as a Bpeace volunteer and explore how your business knowledge can grow businesses in El Salvador, Guatemala and Lebanon, especially those led by women.

When you sign-up as a Bpeace volunteer, you become a “Skillanthropist” and share your skills and knowledge, both on site and remotely, to companies lead by high-potential entrepreneurs (aka “Fast Runners”) in El Salvador, Guatemala and Lebanon. You will help businesses in these countries grow, create jobs, become more profitable, and secure a future for their workers and communities.  

In El Salvador and Guatemala, increasing the number of jobs has the potential to stem migration and blunt the recruiting power of gangs. In Lebanon, where the overall unemployment rate is 25%, more jobs can diffuse tensions among a population under stress from political instability and refugee overcrowding.


Your monthly membership contribution offsets the direct and indirect costs associated with managing a coalition of Skillanthropists. Membership contributions provide Bpeace with about 9% of our overall budget.

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