by The California Center for the Arts, Escondido

This year, generous people like you generated magic on both sides of our theater curtains  --the delight of an audience waiting for the curtain to rise-- the thrill of a young performer peeking from behind the velvet drapes. 

The arts are a place where we come together to experience powerful moments that can have a meaningful impact on our lives.  Your year-end donation will continue to raise the bar for community programming and increase access to the arts across North County.

When there is a lack of funding for arts education in schools, students from lower income families are most impacted.  A study by the RAND Corporation showed that simply being exposed to the arts can help close the socioeconomic gap and create a more level playing field for these children.  This year your donations brought immersive arts programming to 50 schools, 33 of which were Title 1. 

Please consider making a gift today that feels impactful to you!

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