Raise the Roof - Match our $25k Grant!

by The Bridge Youth Center

We’ve run out of arms to hold all the buckets and it’s time to fix our old leaky roof before it does any more damage to our building.

After receiving multiple estimates, some over $100k, we've decided that the cheapest and best way to fix it will be to do most of the work ourselves (with help of course). 

This will be a huge undertaking and by our estimates for materials, equipment and help, our cost will be $50k. 

The good news is that this year we received a private grant for $25k which we've set aside specifically for the roof as a matching grant. 

Please consider a gift to the youth in our community and match our grant to help us fix our roof!

Thank you for your support!!!

Bridge Youth Center

310 Main St. Canon City, CO 81212




* The Bridge is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization

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