2020 Annual Appeal

by Camelot Community Care

Camelot Community Care will be wrapping up this year's 2020 Change A Lifetime Annual Appeal this week.  

What does helping a young adult who aged out of foster care look like to you?

Your gift by this Friday, January 8th,  will help provide online learning resources for Jazmine to succeed in her classes!

Could you picture, for a moment, a young adult who has aged out of foster care at 18 on the brink of making some of the hardest life decisions on their own?

Meet Jazmine, she is just one of 238 young adults who are enrolled in our Independent Living Program here at Camelot. She entered foster care at the age of 7 and has had 15 different foster homes before she “aged out”. Through the support of her Camelot Counselor, she has successfully enrolled in GED classes and is soon to sit for her test. Jazmine is resilient and determined to go on and enroll in college to be a Counselor herself! She wants to ensure that children following in her footsteps receive all of the support and care they deserve and most importantly have a “voice” in their futures! YOU, play a vital role in her success!

Today, as we begin to wind down our Annual Appeal for 2020, it is only possible with the help of support like yours to meet the needs of young adults like Jazmine who are in our care. Her future is in your hands as we begin 2021 supporting these young adults as they continue to navigate the challenges of the pandemic. You can “Be the Difference” in the life of Jazmine today by supporting her in making the right decisions to become the best person she can be by providing her the tools and resources needed to be a productive member of society. Thank you for being the power behind this work!

Please consider supporting the most vulnerable youth with a monthly or one time donation of $15, $35, $55, $105 or more.  No matter how large or small of a contribution, you will help support the mission of Camelot and those we serve during this critical time and move us towards our financial goal this year. Together, we can strive to ensure that every foster child in our care that becomes available for adoption can find a loving home and has access to the critical resources and services they need.  

Simply click on the giving level you would like to support or take a moment to text annual appeal to 44321 to become an advocate for the kids and families we serve at Camelot this holiday season and into 2021!  

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