WHAT'S NEXT? Supporting 10 MORE Years of DC Jazz

by CapitalBop

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As we mark our 10th anniversary as a grassroots jazz presenter, the lessons we've picked up along the way feel more necessary now than ever. Venues are closing right and left amid the coronavirus pandemic, and musicians' livelihoods are threatened. It's essential that we preserve a place for jazz in D.C. when things begin to reopen.

The CB team has always been devoted to promoting, presenting and preserving jazz, and showing how it can unite diverse audiences around the power of improvised experiences. During the coronavirus pandemic, we're continuing to publish in-depth quality journalism about the D.C. music community; host innovative livestream shows; present educational programming; and help lead the music community's response to the pandemic. Meanwhile, we're laying groundwork for what's to come after lockdown, when there will be a huge void where all the old jazz venues once were. 

Here's what we've been up to recently:

  • PRESENTATIONS   Before the pandemic, our DC Jazz Loft, Traveling Loft and Spotlight Residency series brought DIY jazz shows all over the city, presenting the best musicians to audiences in art galleries and theaters and even the occasional living room. Since the pandemic, our virtual Freedom Summer Sessions livestream series and continuing CB Sessions video series kept up a digital spotlight on D.C. artists.

  • CAPITALBOP.COM   Our web magazine and comprehensive D.C. jazz calendar continue to shine a spotlight on the music community; the calendar now shows D.C. artists' planned livestreams, and we have kept up separate Covid-19 resources pages for artists and audiences

  • EDUCATION   Through our partnership with The MusicianShip, we've expanded our education programming; until the pandemic, we were bringing jazz musicians to DCPS students each month for concerts and workshops. We recently started presenting educational events via streaming, and are pursuing this avenue further now.

We're preparing to play an even more crucial role as the jazz scene bounces back in 2021, and we need your support to keep things going. As a nonprofit, we can’t do what we do without your involvement. 

Here's how you can help:

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