Step Up to Success

by Career Wardrobe

About this campaign

We've Increased Our Goal!

At Career Wardrobe, we use clothing to inspire change. We help 5,000 job seekers throughout the Philadelphia region annually find their path to employment.

The improved self-confidence that comes from a new outfit combined with an appointment to help them learn positive workplace behavior sets each Career Wardrobe job candidate up for success. With renewed confidence and hope, 91% stay engaged in their job search, and more than 60% report working full time within 6 months.   

We are all thankful for everyone who has Stepped Up so far to support our work. In fact, so many of you have responded, we've been inspired to increase our goal for the remaining of this campaign.

Your gift today will help Career Wardrobe serve our clients in this coming year, helping them find the right outfit, skills, and path that lead them to employment. With your support, we can help men and women from all walks of life find their path to employment-- women like Melissa* who is determined to move forward her life: 

Melissa felt lost when she came to Career Wardrobe the first time. She felt she was fighting an uphill battle to get ahead as if every time she fixed one thing in her life, another was lined up waiting its turn. On top of that, she couldn’t keep a job for more than 3 months, which left her feeling financially unstable.  

But after starting her internship at The Wardrobe Resale, things started to get easier. At The Wardrobe Resale, she didn’t just learn how to use the cash register and keep the sales floor stocked, she also learned how to get along with her co-workers, show up on time every day, and provide value to her team. She took those lessons to heart and went on to secure a customer service position at a retail store, her first step toward a career in fashion.  

“After coming to Career Wardrobe, I actually felt like I could breathe without 50 pound bags on my shoulders weighing me down. Thanks to Career Wardrobe, I found my path in life.” 

You can share Melissa's story with your friends, donate to our campaign, and even make a campaign page to raise funds to support your own Career Wardrobe cohort!

However you contribute, your support of Career Wardrobe gives 5,000 people the help they need to walk into an interview or first day on the job with confidence.  

* CW changes all names of clients to preserve their confidentiality.

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