A Real Home for Casita

by Casita Copan

It all started in a little red house we rented in Copan, Honduras. We had 10 kids, no furniture, and a handful of volunteers. But we believed we could do something big. 

We knew we wanted to help women so they wouldn’t have to give up their children. And for children who didn’t have a family, we knew they deserved better. We wanted to help them grow, learn and have a chance at a happy, successful life. 

We started with a daycare, but we didn’t stop there. We added a literacy program for women, then an internship program for youth. Then when an orphanage closed down, we took in the children and started our “casitas”, family-style homes for kids who couldn't live with their families. 

Our family grew and grew. Last year when things got rough, we adapted and created a new program of micro-businesses for women to help them achieve economic independence and get through the hardships of 2020.

We keep growing because our community needs us. And now we need you. 

We finally have a chance to have our own space, a permanent home for our children, and our programs. Where we can continue to be a source of hope and stability for families in our community. So we can invest, grow stronger and continue to be here when times get tough. 

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