Harvest of the Heart

by Ceres Community Project

Register for the virtual Harvest of the Heart event, taking place 9.12.20. Use this invitation, complete with registration info, to invite your network to the virtual event.  

Help us raise $245,000, so we can be there for our clients and youth.  Our meals are more vital now than ever, and we’re proud our Virtual Harvest Sponsors and leadership donors recognize this. 

Whether it’s a family facing COVID-19, or a senior with a chronic condition who can’t shop and cook for herself, we’re committed to providing meals that promote health and keep our clients safe at home. Angela from Santa Rosa wrote a letter to let us - and all of you - know what our work means: 

Dear Ceres, 

I must write and tell everyone at Ceres how much you have changed my life and thank you for all that you do. 

I began getting meals delivered a couple months ago. It doesn’t just make my day, it makes my whole week knowing that you guys are coming. Just remembering I will be seeing one of your compassionate delivery people just for a few moments as one of my few social interactions these days is so important to me. It keeps my spirits up all week and alleviates some of the worry I have about being forgotten.  

Most impressive are all those little gifts of cards and flowers that comes with the food. I really feel the love and kindness that goes into them. It makes me want to cry in happiness just thinking about them.  

What is really important is that my health is so much better now that I’m eating more real food again since I can’t cook for myself, and all my previous food was frozen and off the shelf. I cannot believe what a difference it has made on my overall health already! 

I don’t think I will ever be able to thank you all enough for what you do for me and for others. Your time and compassionate energy may seem small to you but it's huge in the scope of caring for others.  Thank you so much again.  


Angela C., Santa Rosa

Not only does every donation provide meals for clients like Angela but also mentoring and training for youth. Please donate whatever you can - every donation - small or big, counts.  

Thank you Leadership Match Donors! 

  • Gary and Jane Facente
  • Marilyn and Jack Jones
  • Bonney and Ewing Philbin
  • Jim and Hollie Rottman
  • Kate Schaffner
  • Barbara and Jacques Schlumberger
  • Ron Treleven and Bill MacElroy

Thank you to our Virtual Harvest Sponsors! 

  • American AgCredit 
  • Keysight Technologies and John & Diane Fitzpatrick
  • Exchange Bank 
  • Shelton's Natural Foods Market Healdsburg 
  • Soiland Company
  • Whole Foods Market 
  • Willow Creek Wealth Management
  • BPM
  • La Tortilla Factory & The Tamayo Family
  • Navitas Organics
  • North Coast Organic 
  • Oliver's Markets
  • Organic Valley
  • Abacus
  • Andy's Produce
  • Moss Adams, LLP
  • Redwood Hill Farm & Creamery
  • Wildbrine

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