End of 2020 - JewPaltz

by Chabad of New Paltz

Have you been to a Shabbat Dinner at the Chabad House? Or sat and shmuzed with the rebbetzin after a hard day? Did you have your eyes opened to a whole new (intellectual, positive) way of seeing Judaism in Sinai scholars? Or have your entire day energized from a morning Minyan or a personal study session with the Rabbi?

If you haven't. Let me introduce you to some students who have.

For every student that is affected, there needs to be a donor. Someone who cares about the Jewish Family and wants to make it happen. You can be that person!

Reasons to donate to JewPaltz

  1. Donating to a small organization means your dollars go much further.
  2. Jews from every walk of life benefit on a daily basis
  3. Chances are that you, your child, or someone you know has benefited.
  4. The shabbat dinners, Torah classes, and social events, are just pieces of the puzzle. The goal is a family and a safety net for every Jewish student. A place where they belong without needing to try.

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