Give A Home Away From Home

by Chabad of SLO & Cal Poly

Students struggle all the time with loneliness, depression, and uncertainty. Many of them lack the knowledge and understanding about who they are, where they come from, and what is their place in the world.

You can help them. You can light their fire. You can give them the knowledge of their heritage and the inspiring message of Judaism . To light up the world with their flames. 

I hear about so many that need your help.

You can help. We need to reach these students. You can light these souls. 

You will create wonderful opportunities and special Jewish moments and memories for so many students. They will learn about their history and treasure their heritage. They will learn about Chanukah, the victory of good over evil, the determination to win against all odds. Passover, they will appreciate the gift of freedom, and the learn about the crunching of the matzah. Every Holiday and every day in between, they will light up. 

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