Youth Engagement Center

by Change For Kids


Change Makers, 

We know that you want the best for kids, and now is no exception.  Unfortunately, many parents are facing an impossible choice right now - having to choose between making a living and being able to support their children's learning needs. 
A child's well-being and a family's economic security should not be exclusive of one another.
That's why CFK is opening the South Bronx Youth Engagement Center where 200 students will have access to critical out-of-school care 10 hours per day, 5 days per week. 

CFK is committed to ensuring that when young people are not in school, they will continue to thrive. At the YEC, they will receive remote learning support, participate in diverse enrichment activities, and experience immersive instruction within the community - all under the supervision and care of vested adults.

But, we need your help. 
  1. NYC is funding a 6 hour program, but coverage until 3p is inadequate for working parents. CFK is extending our hours of operation to meet the needs of our communities. Just based on hours of operation, we need to raise an additional $458,000 to cover expense. 
  2. We are committed to providing more than just child care.* The YEC will combine high-impact elements of traditional school, after school, and summer camp to ensure kids continue to have opportunities to develop the skills, awareness, and connections they need to achieve the future of their dreams.

*Side note: the average NYC babysitter makes $17/hour; a ten hour gig = $170. CFK has extended our day to 10 hours, but our contract only covers 6.2 hours of instruction at just $10/hour per student or $62/day per student. We know young developing minds need and deserve more than that.

Give kids what they deserve - a fair chance at success - today and tomorrow. 

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