Make Room to Write for Oakland Youth

by Chapter 510 & the Dept. of Make Believe

Join Chapter 510 this school year as we Make Room to Write for Oakland Youth!

Opening in September 2019, Chapter 510's very first Writers' Room at Westlake Middle School will give all 120 8th graders year-round writing support, enrichment writing clubs, and publishing opportunities. And, we'll be working in classrooms with educators to make sure that 8th graders leave Westlake ready to take on the academic rigors of high school. 

But that's not all we've got up our sleeves this year! As always, Chapter 510 will be working with students across Oakland public schools to build their writing skills and confidence, including: 

  • at MetWest High School with seniors to help them write their college essays and prepare for the challenge of writing for college
  • at MetWest's new Ericka Huggins campus with 9th graders on a collection of personal narrative stories about their heritage and identity 
  • with 3rd graders at Hoover Elementary to write and publish our annual elementary book project about migration and immigration
  • with elementary students at our annual children's book and chapter book workshops, each of which result in a collection of single-author publications
  • at Acorn Elementary, in all-school Epic Poetry day and the publication of the longest poem written by kids in the history of time 
  • in partnership with Nomadic Press, publishing the work of Islamic high school students exploring identity through poetry at our annual Beauty in Difference workshop
  • offering storytelling field trips for elementary and middle school students, building empathy and vocabulary in one short morning
  • with children, youth, and their families every First Friday at our writing center, where we celebrate writing, reading, and the spoken word
  • and later in the year, with 9th graders at MetWest's Ericka Huggins campus to co-design and create a Writers' Room worthy of their brilliance and unique identities!

During the 2019/2020 school year, Chapter 510 will make room for more than 1,200 young scholars to write, publish 23 books, and build 2 writing rooms! We appreciate our donors and supporters who make all this possible. 

Will you join us with your gift right now?

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