Committed Monthly to Cherokee Home Kids

by Cherokee Home for Children, P.O. Box 295, Cherokee, TX 76832

Monthly giving is incredibly important because it provides a needed steady stream of income through the least effort possible for both the giver and the recipient.  There are good reasons to become a monthly giver:

  1. It is convenient.
  2. It helps with budgeting, for both the donor and the recipient.
  3. Monthly givers typically don't receive as many requests for donations.
  4. Monthly givers usually have more impact on an organization or charity because of the ongoing connections made with the recipient organization.  A real sense of partnership is created with monthly giving.
  5. Instead of asking for donations each month, the donations are automated, giving the fundraising team more time to appeal to new donors and follow new leads.
  6. Last, but not least, studies have shown that monthly giving has the potential to increase an organization's income over the course of a year.

We hope you'll partner with us as a monthly donor!

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